This is My Story

Hi, My name is Mirek, I was born in 1969… I deal with photography… Almost everyone writes the same… When my colleague creating this page asked me to write this text, I thought … nothing easier. I was wrong. Writing about myself is probably the most difficult thing. But here it goes.. My adventure with photography began many years ago, when as a Christmas present I got my first camera – it was AMI 66! Yes !! It was a long time ago. Next was Zenit TTL, then Minolta 7000 ….long time nothing new and then came the era of Digital Photography !! For me it started with Sony DSC-F828..

I rediscovered

my passion for photography in early 90s, and this fascination has remained with me to this day. Photography is my first passion, and I used to share my time between it and scuba diving. Few years ago, some friends convinced me to combine these two domains. As some claim.. successfully. You have to judge it by yourself. Beautiful photographs always fascinated me. Whether in the studio or outdoors …. People or landscape, my goal is to take good photo. Well, in today’s digital world I try various kinds of photography. From portrait, architecture and classical act to underwater photography.


Cameras and lenses that I use


  1. Sony A850
  2. Sony A7
  3. Sony HDR-AS30V
  4. Sony HDR-AS100V


  1. Sony Fish-Eye 2.8/16
  2. Sony 2.8/28
  3. Sony 2.8/50 MACRO
  4. Sony SAL 2.8/28-75 SAM
  5. Sony 1.4/50
  6. Vario-Sonnar DT3.5-4.5/16-80 ZA
  7. Minolta 2.8/100 Macro
  8. Minolta 2.8/80-200 APO TELE
  9. Minolta 4/300 APO TELE
  10. Sigma 5.6/800 APO
  • Manfrotto tripods and backpacks

Underwater Photography

  1. Sony A850
  2. Underwater Housing for Sony A850’s BS Kinetics
  3. Port Macro Companies BS Kinetics
  4. Port Fish-Eye Firms BS Kinetics
  5. Flash Inon Z-240 Type 4 – 2 Pieces.